I'm Monika.I'm 16(10.2.1998).From croatia.I'm an aquarius<3.Tall.Love fashion.Love animals.single for now.I like badass boys.I'm on a diferent road,way diferent from others,original as fuck:D
creative,kind of crazy sometimes "i'm so much more capable than you think". my mind is such a sickness you couldn't undrstand.my demons are my friends.i'm a very big fan of zombies,and ghosts and horror things.i'm a thinker and a talker. i live like "YOLO" "everything is better when you are not allowed to do it".i dare to do things because the worst thing is when you regret something you didn't do but you colud.live every moment.do what makes you happy,with the person you love no matter where.live for something.be proud of yourself.love yourself.be good God sees everything and everyone.KARMA IS A BITCH.Be original,fuck what others think.Be you.I'm the wild one.I't's never to late.If it's ment to be it will be.DO your best and NEVER GIVE UP.NEVER NO MATTER HOW HARD IT IS YOU HEAR ME?! the good and the bad news is "nothing lasts for ever"

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